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  • Tales of the Hana Road

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Tales of the Hana Road

  1. Doin'da Fat Boy Blues
  2. I Can't Drink Tequila
  3. The Birth of Rock and Roll
  4. Tryin'ta Make it to Nashville
  5. How Your Love Life's Hangin'
  6. Shades of Voodoo
  7. BoogieWoogieCountryGospelBlues&RockYRoll
  8. Mom and Dad's Waltz
  9. Burnout on Hana Road
  10. Get Thee Behind me Satan

I give to the Wounded Warriors Fund because I made it out intact.

Tales of the Hana Road

        At first I was to entitle this new lil'CD of mine that I mostly wrote "BoogieWoogieCountryGospelBlues'n'Rock'n'Roll, but then the songs just kept coming. Then along came "Burnout on Hana Road", and it changed the scope of everything. I suddenly realized that I had penned most of the words of most of the songs while dong the up and down drives on Hana Road. Much of the inspiration came from listening to my old buddies, Hoyt Axton and Chris LeDoux', both'a lookin'down on me now, runnin' up and down that road, cause there ain't no radio, so it only seemed right to give credit to my new home, Hana, Hawaii. So for that reason I decided to call it "Tales of the Hana Road", and just let the songs and the album speak for itself. It is what I entitled it firstly, and there is a little of everything, being so eclectic, it is hard for me to catagorize. It has truly become a blend of my old home Texas and my new home Hawaii that has given me the peace and time I needed to express what those roller coaster twists and turns and one lane bridges will make you spit out sometimes. I need to give thanks to my pal and studio producer/engineer, Buddy Stephens, without whom I could not have afforded to do this project. And much thanks to my best friend and wife of my life, my one and only girl, Elizaearle, who was my secretary up and down the Hana Road. I also wish to give thanks to my God and Savior, who gives me these words to pen, for I am only God's penman. A special thanks goes out to John Hunter for working so hard to get this CD released in a most expeditious manner. I must also mention that toward the end of the two years it took to record and engineer this album, I contacted an old friend from the past who had probably not heard from me in years. Actually Buddy sent a MP3 file and wrote seeking a quote for this CD. Instead anyone who buys or hears this CD and reads these words, it will be because of the efforts of Phil York. At 63 years of age, I do not for the life of me understand what it is that is taking place and going on in my life, but God has certainly delivered me to the angels, for I am soaring amongst the clouds with the eagles. Thank you Phil.

        I'd like to say a bit about each song, beginning with the Fat Boy Blues which many can relate to, and no I ain't singin' about no durned dang old Harley Davidson! I'm singin about us old Fat Boys that need to go on massive diets. My true doc then, Dr. Fred Simmons and his then nurse, Nurse Biddie, (her real name) about hounded me to death to lose weight. And then there is Tequila, which is an honest line I picked up from Ricky Stripling, which none of us should be drinking in public again, anymore, anyway! Third pick was thrown at me by Producer and Engineer Buddy Stephens, who in the two year process of working on this album, said "You know Harley, You ain't actually got any real git down hard core rock and roll on here". So that night I wrote Birth of Rock and Roll, after thinking, " I wonder where the very first rock and roll song ever came from?Ē And then it came to me that man's first weapon, the rock and the invention of the wheel that "rolled", gave creedance to a motion that became known later as Rock and Roll!!! Well, It could happen! Years ago when I wrote "The Grand Ol'Opry Show", I wrote it for a Dad that told me as a young boy, "Someday your going to be on the Grand Old Opry'. Well as fate and time would have it, that never happened, so nowadays, I just say "I'm the Oldest Guy Alive tryin'ta Make it to Nashville. Now comin'in at number 5, How Your Love Life's Hangin', came from Brent Rogers up and down day to day love life which more resembled lovers leap off of Hana Road than a love life. So I would always ask him, "Hey buddy, how your love life's hanging", in the plural. Pick Six that made the studio cut came to me in a dead sleep at one in the morning. In a dreamy stupor I envisioned and penned VooDoo in about twenty minutes and went back to bed and deep sleep slumberzzzzzzzzzz!!

        Number 7 is an old slogan Hoyt Axton once used on a belt buckle, T shirts and posters that said in banners, "boogiewoogie", "country", "western", "gospel", "blues", "rock and roll". One day long after we lost Hoyt, it hit me to combine all that into one word and write an album around all of them. Mom and Dadís Waltz is the only song I did not write, but was penned by Lefty Frizzell whom both my mom dad loved. I recorded it in honor of my mother and father and I hope your mom and dad too. Of course not only is the Hana Road so special to me and the song, but I must take a moment to pay hommage to one great guitar player and father. He wudn't much of a husband, except to Diane, but The late great unknown Carter O'Neill played with me for 11 years and this was to be his last recording, and I think his swan song, as he already knew he was dying of cancer when he did it. Not really knowing just how sick he was, I called him and asked him to come over to Buddies and play on this song, so he did. God bless you Carter, dis'song wouldn'ta been nuttin wit'out you my brudda!!!!!! The last song on each and every album I have released has always been a Gospel song. I wrote this song especially for my sister Julie, who inspires me as a person and has brought me closer to God. This phrase, get thee behind me satan I heard again in her Vimy Ridge Church, and it inspired this song. I hope you all enjoy listening as much as I did recording. Lastly but not leastly, there has been a guiding force in my life for almost 34 years now, that was special delivery from God Himself. I call her my angel, she is my best friend, she is my soul mate, she is the love of my life, and I am crazy about her, my wife, Elizabeth Earle Moore Brown. I love ya Lizzard, I love ya Moore. God Bless, Harley

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        Help me to help our wheelchair/prosthetic/pralyzed veterans. A full 50% of the price of this CD will go to the Paralyzed Veterans of America. The other half is to cover the cost of cutting, printing, pressing, and mailing the CD which is dedicated to ALL VETS that are serving or have ever served America. God Bless! $10.00 of your $20.00 will go to those who have given to protect our freedom!


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