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A note from Harley...

I have spent many many years out on the road, all over the US playing music with and for other Artists. Most of the 800 plus songs I have written sat in a trunk in the attic, untouched, unrecorded, and unsang. In 1991 while returning from a gig with Johnny Paycheck, I was in a bad car wreck and broke my neck, injured my head and lower spine. While healing from those injuries I began to write in earnest and made a firm commitment with myself to start recording my own music. The result has been the successful release of these CD's with more on the way. My first CD, HARLEY'S ANGELS, is a compilation of songs that range from hard country to country rock. I wrote all but one song on the CD. Wild Irish Rose, written by Bobby Braddock (He stopped loving her Today) struck a chord in my heart. Being a Vietnam Vet myself, I felt it was important to include it on the CD. The rest are reflective of my life experiences, love songs, and heart felt ballads to give rest to the soul.

My second CD was more happenstance than intentional. I was in the studio with my friend, fellow musician, and Engineer, Buddy Stephens recording a new CD we were to call Campfire Songs when the terrorist attacks of September 11th happened. From there we put Campfire on the back burner, (lil pun der, HaHaHa) and in six weeks I wrote, recorded and released REDNECK WHITE AND BLUE. To date it has sold over 2000 copies, a meager amount for the big boys, but alot for me. I hope you enjoy this and my other albums. My old singing buddy, Tom Hunter, released an album back in 1990, most of it recorded in Nashville. The album is now available again with added bonus tracks. Tom and I have performed under the name, HunterBrown for many years, and we get together whenever we can.

Hawaii and Texas share quite a distance between them, but the Texas Hawaii Connection is growing stronger by the minute as you can hear in my CD, Tales of the Hana Road. More great music is on the way from everyone here at Texas Records.

—Enjoy, Harley
A note from Tom...

Quite a few years back, I met Harley Brown at the Old Top Rail (may she rest in peace) songwriter's night, hosted by Ronny Spears. Ronny had organized the event and knew I was looking to put a band together and knew that Harley was looking to do the same. The result was the band HunterBrown; an immediate success.

Unfortunately Harley had some medical troubles and had to bow out (ever so gracefully I might add). Harley is back on his feet, living in Hawaii and Texas which limits our time to perform together. HOWEVER, I am excited to be working with Harley and wholeheartedly look forward to what the future holds.


We would not ask you to buy a pig-in-a-poke,
so here are some sample tracks from the CDs...
  • Harley's Angels
  • Redneck, White and Blue
  • Bein' and Ameri-CAN!
  • Tales of the Hana Road
  • Sampler
  • Square The Deal by Tom Hunter

Tales of the Hana Road digital downloads are available at CD Baby
Tales of the Hana Road
Harleydale Brown
Tales of the Hana Road CD
  1. Doin'da Fat Boy Blues (3:17)
  2. I Can't Drink Tequila (2:37)
  3. The Birth of Rock and Roll (2:38)
  4. Tryin'ta make it to Nashville (2:54)
  5. How Your Love Life's Hangin' (2:46)
  6. Shades of Voodoo (3:23)
  7. BoogieWoogieCountryWesternGospelRock&Roll (4:08)
  8. Mom and Dad's Waltz (2:15)
  9. Burnout on Hana Road (2:31)
  10. Get Thee Behind Me Satan (2:53)

Harleydale Brown
Sampler CD
  1. Where Did D'Money Go (3:51)
  2. No Job Blues (2:59)
  3. Dat's Alright O'Bama (3:36)
  4. Redneck, White & Blue (3:46)
  5. Here's to America (3:35)
  6. Bein an Ameri-CAN! (3:40)
  7. Fighting Side of Me (3:12)
  8. Take Your Gas and Shuv it (2:34)
  9. Good Times (4:32)
  10. The Lord's Prayer (2:44)

Bein' an Ameri-CAN!
Harley Brown
Bein' an Ameri-CAN! CD
  2. BEIN' AN AMERI-CAN! (3:40)
  3. FIGHTIN' SIDE'A'ME (4:07)
  4. VIETNAM (3:12)
  5. WILD IRISH ROSE (5:06)
  6. MAMA CRIED (5:32)
  7. TAKE U'R GAS'N'SHOVE IT (2:34)
  9. DA CRAWDAD SONG (3:46)
  10. GOOD TIMES OVER (4:32)
  11. I'M GOING TO HEAVEN (3:47)
  12. BALLAD OF KATE (5:29)

Dedicated to our sons and daughters who proudly wear the uniform and serve in our armed forces.

        Help me to help our wheelchair/prosthetic/pralyzed veterans. A full 50% of the price of this CD will go to the Paralyzed Veterans of America. The other half is to cover the cost of cutting, printing, pressing, and mailing the CD which is dedicated to ALL VETS that are serving or have ever served America. God Bless! $10.00 of your $20.00 charitable (tax deductable) purchase price will be donated to the PVA.

Harley's Angels
Harley Brown
Harley's first CD released in 1999 always available for purchase at the gigs is now available for purchase here online. So belly up to the bar and get your copy today.
  1. Grand Old Opry (4:31)
  2. Harley's Angels (3:29)
  3. I Rule the Roost (3:13)
  4. Old Man's Fiddle (3:27)
  5. Shiftin' into 50 (3:09)
  6. Don't Size Me Up (2:48)
  7. Wild Irish Rose (5:04)
  8. Way Too Easy (3:18)
  9. Cowboy Sky (3:16)
  10. Kowabunga (2:45)
  11. Rhythm No Rhyme (3:12)
  12. He was a Good Friend (3:23)

Redneck White and Blue
Harley Brown
Harley's second CD released in 2001 is filled with passion and patriotism. Two songs from the first CD (Wild Irsh Rose and He was a Good Friend) were remastered and included on this release.
  1. Redneck White and Blue (3:44)
  2. Here's to America (3:33)
  3. Judgement Day (3:09)
  4. Nothing to Fear (but fear itself) (4:00)
  5. Wild Irish Rose (4:43)
  6. America's Madder'n Hell (3:44)
  7. Don't Take Your Guns to School (3:00)
  8. Ballad of Cats and Rats (2:38)
  9. He was a Good Friend (3:12)
  10. Lord's Prayer (2:44)

SQUARE THE DEALSquare the Deal
Tom Hunter
Tom's Square The Deal album, most of it recorded in Nashville, Tennessee is available for purchase now through Texas Records. The CD is now available with bonus tracks not released on the original album. The final track, All of Our Days was transfered from the only available source, the original 45 RPM single.
  1. Square The Deal (3:18)
  2. Dreaming Of The Good Times (3:28)
  3. Please Set My Heart Free (3:11)
  4. The Sweetest Dream (3:21)
  5. What Can I Do To Please You (3:26)
  6. (I'm Not Gonna Be A) Substitute (3:33)
  7. You Are The Best Part Of My Life (2:43)
  8. Another Good Woman Gone Bad (3:19)
  9. Easy Way Out (3:15)
  10. I'll Be There (3:24)
  11. Billy Bob's Baseball (3:38)
  12. Tears Ago (4:09)
  13. Lady in Waiting (4:04)
  14. All of Our Days -1982 Demo (3:18)



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